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Automatic Car Alarms: How To Protect Your Car

Automatic Car Alarms: How To Protect Your Car


Author: Brad Seabourne

A car alarm is as an audible security system that activates when it detects a possible break-in. But these can create a noisy disturbance which is annoying, often a false alarm and so, often ignored. There are far more technologically sophisticated vehicle security systems currently available.

In an effort to reduce the number of car thefts that have been costing billions of dollars each year, car manufactures have come up with several different technologies. Things like remotes with two-way communication will warn you when your car\'s engine has been started or why the alarm has been activated. Some of the most common car security systems include glass break sensors, two-way communication remotes and passive arming.

A noisy alarm just won\'t be heard if you\'re not near the car, and if you\'re on vacation it could take days for you to even figure out that your car is missing. Certain types of car security systems will place an automatic call to a number you have specified (or send an urgent text) in case of a break in. Alarms that are two-stage can also tell you whether your car has just been jostled or if it is actually turned on and in motion.

While the vehicle is moving you can use the automatic car alarm to turn off the fuel pump, this is an effective way of bringing the vehicle to a stop. However, if your car is on a tow truck this won\'t make any difference in stopping the theft from occurring. Many of today\'s new vehicles also come with GPS tracking, which allows you to know where the vehicle is at all times.

Keeping Car Jackers at Bay: Many vehicle alarm models come with a built-in anti-car-jacking mechanism, which allows you to cut the gas by just pushing a button. The switch is generally nearby the seat belt release, and once pressed it will cut off the gas and put on the brakes to bring the vehicle to a halt. This puts you in control when a dangerous situation might have made you a victim. Having this system means that you can be proactive in making sure that your car is always safe from being stolen.

A lot of times these systems will notify police in the event that a car is hijacked. Some systems are programmed to quickly notify the authorities that something is going on and might be a life-threatening situation. It can be very dangerous when approaching a car thief in the middle of stealing your car, so it\'s better to let police handle the situation. Once your car alarm notifies you with a text message or phone call that the car is being stolen, you can then tell the police who will already have a head start trying to catch the thief in the act.

Your Automatic Car Alarms will inform you via a phone call or a text message when something is amiss. Several models of Vehicle Security Systems include an anti-car-jacking that will enable you to turn off the gas with the press of a button.


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