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Airbags for vehicles SRS Steering Safety Airbags

Airbags for vehicles SRS Steering Safety Airbags


Author: Ben Fouche

Article: Safety Steering S.R.S. (SRS stands for \"supplemental resistant system\"). The air bag is a \"European\" style head and face bag, which means it is designed to protect primarily the head and face during a frontal collision.An important point to note about the Safety Steering S.R.S. is that it is designed to supplement the existing seats belts in a vehicle, not to replace them. Nor is the system designed to be a replacement for factory-installed air bags that have been deployed in the accident.

It is shown in various tests that seat belts do a good job for protecting the driver\'s body in a frontal collision, but unfortunately they do not always keep the driver\'s head from colliding with the steering wheel, which can result in serious injury and in some cases death. The air bag is designed for more protection in addition to the original seatbelts and is adding an extra margin of safety. When the bag deploys during a crash, it \"fills the gap\" between the driver and the steering wheel. A cushion necessary to to absorb the force of the impact and prevent the driver\'s head or face from striking the steering wheel is provided by the inflated airbag.

The mechanical impact sensor is an impotrtant feature of the Safety Steering Airbag which is a simple and effective type of releasing mechanism. Airbag systems that rely on a complex web of crash sensors like wiring and an electronic control module, safety sensors, the mechanical impact sensor is so to say fail-safe can now be replace with this system. The crash sensor, which is self-contained within the steering wheel air bag module, consists of a steel ball within the tube. When a frontal impact with force occurs, the ball is dislodged and slides down the tube, it activates a firing pin that ignites the inflator. The air bag is then ejected and deploys in 30 to 55 milliseconds which is as fast as an originally installed air bags.

Before the bag will deploy, the crash sensor has to experience an impact force of about 20 G\'s which is seven times the force of gravity. This would be the same as driving into a solid object at the speed of 20-40 km/h or driving into another vehicle at a speed of 40 km/h. The collision speed at which the bag will be ignited and deploy, depends on many variables such as the angle of impact, the stiffness of the body, the stiffness of the chassis, the mass of the vehicle or truck, etc., What can be said with certainty is that the airbag will activated when needed.

An advantage of airbags with a mechanical crash sensors is that it does eliminate the need for expensive electronics and wiring .Crash sensors can therefore be packed with the inflator in the air bag module, which greatly simplifies replacement and installation. The system functions independent of the vehicle\'s electrical system. The airbag\'s mechanical crash sensor can be packed as a self-contained unitand therefore it can be easily installed on a variety ofvehicles as long as there is a steering wheel for the vehicle to accept the air bag unit and that the crash testing has been done to make sure the sensor has the correct level of sensitivity for the vehicle to ignite at the right time.

Though it\'s relatively simple to replace a steering wheel and bolt on one with an air bag, the safety steering wheel isn\'t a \"one-size-fits-all\" air bag. The bag has to \"fit\" the application, which means different inflators and crash sensors are requires for different vehicle applications. An air bag with a crash sensor that\'s set for a light-weight Chana LDV, for example, may not deploy at the right speed if used in a heavier vehicle such as a full-sized Toyota Landcruiser. So currently five different inflator assemblies make up the air bag system.

With ann upfron collision at a speed of less than 8 km/h, the bag will activate and not be deployed. At the speed of 8 to 25 km/h the possibility for the air bag to deploy is then relatively higher. When the speed is over 25 km/h the air bag will definitely deploy on impact. The angle of impact (not more than 30degrees with frontal collision with another vehicle), the speed on impact and solidness of the object, as well as various other factors has a direct influence on the deployment of these airbags.

With overturning or collision from behind, the air bag will not be activated and will not deploy. Only technicians who are properly trained and approved may do installation of the airbags and they will select the appropriate module for the specific application, remove the stock steering wheeland install a the steering wheel which includes the safety steering airbag. This product creates opportunity for our customers to comply with the regulations of the safety industry. They have the advantage to sell their products on markets which was not previously in their reach. Lives are saved and and injuries are limited by Safety Steering Airbags.

Airbags Steering Safety. A professional airbag can now be installed in vehicles at any stage. Airbags Airbag safety


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