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Reasons why the BMW 1 is the perfect first car for the teen that has it all

Reasons why the BMW 1 is the perfect first car for the teen that has it all


Author: Richard McCombe

She is your everything, you try to give her everything she asks for, the clothes, the puppy, and the summer vacations but now that her sweet sixteen is quickly approaching you have to find the perfect car and not just any car will do.

Sure she wants a Porsche, she even mentioned an Audi, but you still want to keep her in style but not give her everything she wants. That is why the BMW 1 series is a great choice and a wonderful first car for the teen girl in your life.

The BMW 1 series at a glance is sporty and cute. No frills and no real bling, but it\'s still 100% all BMW. This sporty little number gets up to 25 miles to the gallon so it\'s perfect for all your little angel\'s day trips to the mall or to the beach. The sporty style of this BMW will make her the envy of other teens her age no matter where she goes.

BMW has kept the price reasonable in this line. One of the less costlier versions of sports cars, the BMW 1 series makes giving the car as a gift to your teen even more affordable. Competitively priced within a median price range, you could even have your teen help make the payments on this car.

Just because this BMW comes cheap doesn\'t mean it lacks style and substance. While there are two style options available, the coupe and the convertible, the coupe is a safe choice while still remaining sporty and stylish at the same time. The coupe can easily handle four passengers and still live up to high safety standards. The convertible is a bit flashier and offers a playful substance that many other cars in its price range definitely lack.

There is no need to worry if your teen will be disappointed or not with either the BMW 1 coupe or convertible, they are both the perfect choice. Affordable, trendy and safe, the BMW 1 will not only make your teen happy, it will make you happy as well. Remember if your teen isn\'t happy, no one\'s happy.

Richard McCombe writes interesting articles about used cars for a popular automotive website. If you want to see good used bmw car deals go to autoweb.


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