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Auto Parts: DIY and Bring Your Bumper Back to Life

There's a big difference between repairs that are needed, and repairs that are just for appearance. Knowing your options can save you hundreds and even thousands over the life of your vehicle.


If you do you maintain your own car, you probably know by now that going to the auto shop to have something repaired can be a serious pain in the pocket. Although auto shops usually charge about the same for the auto parts as any other retailer, they usually make a killing in their service fees. The charges for labor in auto shops often run up to more than the cost of the part itself.

Bumper repairs are no exception. Having your bumper repaired alone could cost you as much as a thousand dollars if you have the repairs done at an auto shop. However, an auto shop isn't your only option. You also have the alternative of just getting the parts, doing the labor yourself and saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.

Bargain Bumper Repair

To do some DIY bumper repair, the first thing you'll have to find is the bumper itself. Now, chances are good that you'll need either only the front or only the rear bumper. If you actually need both, you might want to reconsider driving in the first place. If it's the front bumper that you want to repair, you'll most probably also need to find a bumper grill.

Before you go and look for a replacement bumper, it's recommended that you do a little bit of research and comparison shopping first. Firstly, you'll want to do some research to find the best prices for the parts, which can be as low as $250 total. Secondly, replacement bumpers aren't like stickers that can just be attached to any car. You'll have to find one that corresponds to your car's make and model.

A couple of other parts, namely bumper brackets and bumper reinforcements, will also have to be on your shopping list. It's best if you get these items aside from the primary parts to help improve the durability of your repairs. Besides, they're not very expensive items - they shouldn't cost you more than a hundred bucks each - that will make the repair last longer, so you might as well get them.

It's All in the Details

Big accidents can often leave big damages on your car that will render bumper and grill unrecognizable. If that's the case, you might want to buy an emblem as well. Priced at ten bucks or less, they'll help bring the front (or rear) of your car back to its former branded glory. It really wouldn't do you and your image any good to drive around an 'unbranded' car just because the old emblem got broken.

Yes, repairing your bumper yourself is work, and that work could get fairly tedious. You'll have to look for and buy all the right parts, get your hands on a set of installation instructions and then do the actual repairs. However, if you put the total costs of DIY side by side with that of an auto shop job, the choice should be obvious. Some repairs should be left to the professionals when it comes to safety, but there are a great many repairs and replacements that can be easily done by the DIY vehicle owner.


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