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How to Power Your Car to Run on Water Fuel Alternative

How to Power Your Car to Run on Water Fuel Alternative


Author: Dr. Matthew Loop

The cost of gas has skyrocketed out of control. These high gas prices make filling up your gas tank equivalent to buying over a week\'s worth of groceries, and at the moment it does not appear that relief is in sight.

Researchers in alternative energies had hoped that hydrogen would be a good fuel source, but it is incredibly expensive to extract and can be dangerous, so at the moment research into hydrogen is at a standstill. There are, however, other ways to power your engine\'s car using hydrogen that can be implemented now, by everyday individuals without any automobile expertise.

While hydrogen itself may be difficult to harness, hydrogen is still a useful way to help power your engine. A fuel that uses hydrogen, known as HHO gas, can actually increase the MPG rating of your car, but HHO gas is not created in a lab - it is created using every day H2O.

Using a device that you can make yourself (known as an electrolyzer), you send an electric current straight from your battery and remove a piece of hydrogen from standard tap water. This particle then travels into your gas tank and helps the gasoline fuel your car. By doing this, your car\'s gas mileage can actually triple, because your car is no longer just using gasoline - it has become a hybrid that uses both gas and hydrogen.

Once the HHO gas has been used, it turns back into water. So not only are you getting more gas mileage from your car, you are also harming the environment less, making these makeshift hydrogen powered engines helpful for both you and the planet.

The hope is that someday this HHO gas can help you run your car with water, with absolutely no gasoline or other forms of energy. HHO gas machines have been working so effectively that it does not appear we are very far from learning how to use the same gas methods as a sole form of power.

But at the moment, HHO is still another alternative energy source that saves us hundreds of dollars each month at the gas pump as well as improve our gas mileage and decrease emissions. All it takes is adding this simple new energy source to your engine to experience significant amounts of gas tank relief.

While it may be decades or more before car companies accept HHO gas as a viable source of energy to power their cars, it can still be used to help improve the gas mileage of your cars and save you from the high gas prices you experience every day. Someday your car may be made to run on water, but until that day, HHO gas supplements are one of the best ways to save money at the pump.

Don\'t pay alot of money for gas! Fastly sky-rocket your gas mileage and save over $150 per month with the proven Run your Car on Water system. It\'s easy, cheap, and recommended by top experts. Water fuel is the future. Risk-free!


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