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The Debate between Diesel Pushers and Gasoline Engines

The Debate between Diesel Pushers and Gasoline Engines


Author: Keith Windlor Motorhome engines come in two different classifications --- gasoline or diesel. The terminology used when referring to the diesel engine is \"diesel puller\" or \"diesel pusher\" depending on whether it is a front diesel engine or rear diesel engine motorhome. Before you decide one way or the other on what type of engine you want, consider the following advantages and disadvantages when formulating your decision as to the type of engine you want in your recreational vehicle.

1. If your motorhome is longer than 35 feet, you should certainly consider a diesel pusher. With a weight and length of such high amounts, you are going to require a much stronger engine to push all of this mass. If you are considering spending a lot of time in hilly areas or in the mountains, you will also require more power in order to push you up the side of the mountain and get you to where you are going. With diesel engines, you can be certain that the power is there to get you up hills and to pull tremendous weight.

2.The concept of the hard-starting, noisy, and smelly engine is not as big an issue as it used to be. The mindset about this has been altered somewhat with the newer diesel pusher technology that is applied in their manufacturing process, and these effects have been greatly reduced. The diesel engines coming off the assembly lines today are harder working, more fuel efficient, and quieter than their ancestors were. \"Ear-mounting\" technology has nearly made the noise issue a non-factor anymore. Unfortunately, hard-starting in cold weather and the smell factors still exist, but not to the original extent of older diesel engines.

3.Diesel pushers are more expensive than gasoline engines. Additionally, the cost of diesel fuel is now more expensive as well, so this could prove to be a \"double-whammy\" scenario for the pocketbook. On the other hand, diesel engines are more fuel efficient than the gasoline engines out there. However, there is still the issue of how colder weather affects this aspect just like with the hard-starting issue. Colder temperatures affect the actual fuel by causing it to gel and ice up, and that poses a very serious problem. But don\'t be discouraged because there are additives and mixtures available that you can add to the tank to help with these problems.

4. Gasoline engines are cheaper and easier to repair than diesel pushers. Anytime that you take your diesel into the shop for repairs, you might be surprised to find out how much more expensive it is than a run-of-the-mill gasoline engine. In addition, it often takes some effort to find a knowledgeable mechanic who is familiar with diesel engines. Not all mechanics are familiar with diesel pushers.

In the end, the decision of whether to invest in a diesel pusher or puller versus a gasoline motor is a subject of debate between the owners. While it is certainly true that each has their high and low points, only the individual themselves can decide what type of recreational vehicle they would prefer to possess.

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Keith Windlor creates numerous articles about buying an RV. In his current writings, he expounds on the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing any diesel pusher versus a gas recreational vehicle.


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