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What to Do If Your Car Spins or Slides

What to Do If Your Car Spins or Slides


Author: David Halbert

One of the most useful creations of modern day world is the car. It has made our lives far easier by reducing the time required to travel from one place to another. Without these cars one would have to spend numerous days to be able to reach a destination which could be reached in a few hours with the help of these cars.

But like all inventions of science, the automobile also comes with a great risk factor. Where speed has reduced the time needed to move about from one place to another, it has also increased the risk of high speed fatal accidents. The high speed of the car makes it so dangerous for the passengers and others that many people die due to car accidents each day.

Car accidents could be the outcome of more than one factor. The most significant and top of these factors are over speeding and driving in dangerous conditions like flurry, drizzle, or mist. Rain and snow noticeably reduce the road grip of the tyres of car, and as a result the car has a greater chance of spinning or sliding at sharp turns.

The momentum of the car makes it worse as it becomes harder to get hold of the car. The greater the momentum of the car, it would be more difficult to control in case it goes out of control of the driver. No matter how cautious you might be, there is always a possibility that you might have to face situations where each action counts. There is a thin line between life and death in these situations, and one has to think real fast to stay away from an accident and get the car back under control.

If you come across a situation where the car goes out of control in rainy or snowy conditions, then there are a few things you can do to try and regain control over the car. First of all, you should always try to keep the speed under controllable limits when driving under such dangerous conditions. High speed means more momentum, and thus it would be harder to control the car if it goes out of control.

Secondly, if the car goes out of control then instantly release the accelerator. This would be helpful in reducing the speed of the car due to acceleration, and therefore the momentum would reduce bringing the car under controllable conditions in majority of the cases. Though, you should keep in mind never to apply brakes as a first option as stopping the tyres of the car all of a sudden would make it spin more therefore taking the car beyond control.

Many people make the mistake of applying the brakes at once if the car goes out of control. This is something one should always stay away from. If you are driving a car with manual transmissions, then it would be a perfect idea to reduce and control the speed of the car with the help of gears. You should try and lower the gear of the car and decrease speed by this way.

On the other hand, most recent cars have built-in automatic transmission, and thus it is not likely to manage the speed with gears. Hence, you should reduce the speed by smoothly tapping on the brake paddles. Never apply full force to the brake paddles as it would jam the tyres and make them slip even more thus worsening the situation. These days many modern cars are fitted with computers which are helpful in bringing the car under control by reducing speed and gently applying brakes.

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