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Improve Gas Mileage- Simple!

Improve Gas Mileage- Simple!

Recently, it seems like the oil barons are out to empty our wallets. Gas prices have gone up threefold, along with everyday necessities, while our economy slows to a crawl. Most people are just trying to keep their heads above water, and need to learn some simple methods to improve gas mileage.


There are several methods that help to improve gas mileage, some of them that are very effective, and others that really don\'t make too much of a difference. It can be a bit of a pain trying to sift through them all, so I have gone to the trouble of finding the most common methods people are using right now to improve gas mileage, so I could pass them on to you.

First, change your oil, and get tuneups on a regular basis. Most people realize that if your car is tuned up and running like a top, then the energy used will be less than if your car has mechanical problems. Some basic things like changing the air filter, deteriorated hoses, and oil changes using the properly weight oil with friction reducers will all make a difference and improve gas mileage.

Another thing that works well, is getting rid of extra weight in your car, like luggage racks that can create resistance, and decrease your MPG. Keeping your tires at maximum air inflation can also help decrease resistance. Even if the the MPG gain is fairly small, every little bit helps!

You\'ll also improve gas mileage by slowing down. Try driving at more reasonable speeds. Keeping your speed at 55 mph on the highway will increase your gas mileage by as much as 25%. That means no speeding when the \"man\" isn\'t around! You can also pick up a 14% in gas mileage just by turning on your cruise control.

Don\'t drive like erratically. Sudden braking or unnecessarily fast acceleration do more harm than good. Those are habits that waste fuel, wear out brakes and empty your wallet. Another gas wasting culprit is unnecessary idling. If find yourself sitting at a fast food drive through, or a bank for any length of time, turn your car off while you are waiting. Reducing unnecessary idling can increase your gas mileage by as much as 19%. That is a nice savings for just doing something like turning your car off for a few minutes instead of letting it run.

There are many more simple methods to improve gas mileage, but not enough space to list all of them! Just using even one of these tips can help you save some cash.

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