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The Difference between a Motorcycle Enthusiast and a Biker

The Difference between a Motorcycle Enthusiast and a Biker


Author: LJ James

Fifteen Grand and Fifteen Miles does not make you a Biker

Some Motorcycles these days Cost Thousands to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. After the Craze of the past Ten years of hit shows like American Choppers, It seems every American has fallen in love with these works of art! Now there is nothing wrong with owning one of these incredible show pieces that costs more then some Bikers homes! There is also nothing wrong with only Riding that Motorcycle 5 Miles on a sunny weekend to your corner Bar to show it off , hey I always enjoy looking at them and If that is your thing then that is very cool !

But lets remember a Motorcycle is made for Riding and there is something wrong with sitting on your 150 Thousand dollar Motorcycle with 15 miles on the odometer and cutting down the Hardcore Rider on a dirty, rusty and patched together Motorcycle with over 10 Thousand Miles on it from just the past riding Season!

The New Custom over 100 Thousand Dollar Motorcycle maybe a work of art with all its fancy features, shiny chrome and great paint work! But that Biker in front of you with his dirty, rusty Bike has a work of art in front of him too and he has earned every scratch, dent and ding on his Bike!

The 100 thousand Dollar Bike may be a joy for the eye to behold, but that Old dirty Bike tells a different story to the Soul of every True Biker out there! If you do not hear a Story, Well you are either not listening or you just do not get it! If you do not get it then just sit there and be quiet because when you speak negatively and put down the Character or Brand of that old Motorcycle, Well it shows everyone around you just how much that you do not get it!

There is a difference between a Motorcycle Enthusiast and a Biker, but only the Biker knows the difference !!!

If you would like to be a guest on this show or any other Biker Lowdown Radio Show or you have a Comment or Show idea to add please email me at AmericanBikerX@yahoo.com

This topic is for Biker Lowdown Radio Show Date 3/4/2009 all shows are archived and are Available 24 hours a Day 7 days a week. Listen or call in for Live shows every Wednesday at 8:00PM New York time Call-in Number: (347) 237-4874 Go to BikerLowdown.com To listen to Shows and So much more!!!

Motorcycle Riders are a Dime a Dozen, But a True Biker is a Rare Breed!

I am Your Bro LJ James AmericanBikerX.com

LJ James is a Independent Writer on the Biker Life and runs an internet Motorcycle Radio Show every Wednesday ! LJ James works for a Collection Agency


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