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Racing Motor Scooters

Racing Motor Scooters


Author: Keith Martin

Racing motor scooters helps the motor scooter enthusiast meet their goal of speed and competition. Every race has a different class for different riders. Some, officially sanctioned, racing organization allow the motor scooter rider to ride their crazy, tricked out modified motor scooters. Also, their are races that are restricted to the riding of a stock scooter. Additionally, you can race a scooter that is as small as 50cc.

Their are numerous style of races. The drag racing of motor scooters is popular in Europe, and racing on twisty tracks is particularly popular in the United States.

Every sanctioned racing authority for motor scooter has varied rules. But, all officially sanctioned scooter organizations have certain safety requirements that must be met. For example, motor scooter racers must have a full face helmet and leather set. Additionally, bolts on your scooter have to be wired for safety. You do not want the bolts coming loose when your are racing do you? Also, Nyloc nuts are required on parts of your scooter. Also, you could be required to tape your headlights to your scooter. Overall, be sure to read all the rules and regulations of the organizations that you are racing for.

Their are several regional, and international motor scooter sanctioning racing organizations. Here are some of the major ones:

Mid-America Scooter Sports (MASS) - This motor scooter racing body serves the Midwest and organize races in Ohio, Missouri, and Wisconsin

As the name implies , the Eastern Scooter Racing Association (ESRA) holds motor scooter races on the eastern coast of the United States.

American Scooter Racing Association (ASRA) - is California based motor scooter racing body. ASRA is the oldest motor scooter racing organization in the United States.

For the Brit\'s the British Scooter Sport Organization (BSRA) - governs motor scooter racing in the United Kingdom. It runs races ranging from from 50cc scooters and up to 650cc. It costs 27 pounds to participate in their races.

Keith Martin has been a motor scooters enthusiast for several years. Now, he has gotten acquainted with the world of motor scooter racing. His Website is a great view for motor scooting in and motor scooter racing.


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Racing Motor Scooters News