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Auto Parts: Make the Most of Your Investment and Sell Your Auto Parts on eBay

Not all used auto parts are throw away parts. For the custom car enthusiast that old panel or part is usually in great shape with a lot of life, and value, left in it.


Dozens of ways are available for you if you want to simply get rid of your old auto parts. The most obvious of those options would be to call up the Waste Management Department in your city to let them handle it, or to simply sell the parts to a junk shop for whatever price you can get. It might or might not have occurred to you before but selling your old auto parts on eBay is an option that's just as available but could be a lot more profitable.

More Money for You

If you think about it, selling old auto parts on eBay is very similar to just selling it to the nearest junk shop or scrap collector. However, there's one very big difference that might just tip the scales: the money.

When you sell used auto parts to junk shops, they buy your stuff not because they're car parts but because they're made primarily of metal. The price they would pay for your once-expensive auto parts isn't far from what they'd pay for, say, metal lawn chairs.

Selling old auto parts on eBay, in contrast, is vending your item to people who can recognize the value of your old parts. You're likely to find collectors and hobbyists who are willing to buy old auto parts based on their real value instead of just their weight in metal. In short, you're most likely going to find reasonable prices, at the very least, for your old auto parts on eBay.

Cash and Convenience

Turning to eBay is also better than merely selling your old parts to a junk shop because it's more convenient for you. If you plan to sell your old parts to a junk shop, you're going to have to find a way to bring the parts there yourself. While it might not matter so much for small items, transporting old car parts, especially the bigger ones and in larger quantities, could prove to be a big headache.

It's much easier on eBay, however, because of the process that they use there. Once you have a buyer who commits to buy your old auto part, he or she will then send over the payment via wire transfer or eBay's favorite payment system, PayPal. Once you receive the payment, you simply ship the item to the buyer. What's more, the buyer almost always pays extra for the shipping fees, so that's not your problem anymore. While it's true that this favorable arrangement doesn't happen every time, it's the default procedure and will most likely apply for you.

Selling your old auto parts on eBay isn't just more profitable than most other disposal methods, but it's more convenient for you as well. You needn't travel any farther than the nearest Kinko's or post office to complete the transaction. It's so profitable and convenient, in fact, that you can even start a small business, all from selling old car parts. You can even make a few extra dollars selling parts for your friends and family, taking a small commission!


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