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Using Water As Fuel For Cars

Using Water As Fuel For Cars


Author: Adrian Fletcher

Given the inexorable rise in gas prices of late, water as fuel for cars is getting a closer inspection by many people. Despite what the name might suggest, an engine that runs on water wouldn\'t really be running on the water itself, but instead extracting the hydrogen gas from the water to be used as fuel. By using certain specialized equipment, the hydrogen can be separated from the oxygen in water and injected into the car\'s fuel lines.

There are two common methods for obtaining automobile fuel from water. One type uses hydrogen gas as a complement to your car\'s engine performance (which is powered by petroleum gas). The second typed is fueled by hydrogen gas which is produced either on or off the vehicle.

Hybrid hydrogen gas systems reduce the amount of gasoline your vehicle uses thus extending your miles per gallon while also reducing your vehicle emissions, as the combination of gas and hydrogen gives a cleaner burn, zero emissions fuel. When burned by itself with only oxygen, hydrogen emissions are just water vapor.

Kits that can convert water into fuel can cost anywhere from under one hundred dollars to several thousands. These kits vary from easy to follow plans to build your own system with auto parts and hardware store items to elaborate kits that come complete with everything needed for the conversion process. A high-end water as fuel for cars system would completely convert your automobile to hydrogen fuel. A system like that would be costly and complicated to install, but it would also mean no more high gas prices and visits to the gas station. This kind of fuel system requires more space to install in the vehicle because it has a larger water holding tanks or will require installing fuel cells with on-board hydrogen processing equipment.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a hydrogen producing plant or fueling station you can opt for a system that has an on board storage tank for the hydrogen gas itself. Using this method lets the plant or fueling station convert the water to fuel for you thereby doing away with the need for the on board hydrogen extraction equipment.

Auto manufacturers like as Honda and BMW will likely feature storage tanks for extra water as fuel for cars as hydrogen fueling systems are not very common. These new hydrogen/gasoline hybrid systems will actually be the same type of gasoline engines currently in use that will be modified to allow the use of hydrogen gas as fuel.

Water as fuel is a safe technology but is not exactly how it sound in the description. It is about changing water to hydrogen gas, that is currently used in various applications, including space exploration, for over a hundred years with few major refinements unlike gasoline-powered vehicles. Though it will take some time before you see a hydrogen refueling station in your suburb using water as fuel for your car is a reality today.

For unbiased consumer reports on the leading water for fuel conversion kits visit http://waterforgasreports.com, including water4gas reviews and feedback.


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